TurboCAD Professional Platinum 16.2 Build 50.1

TurboCAD Pro 16 is the premium design software solution that's delivered exceptional value to both 2D and 3D users for over twenty years. It's complete 2D drafting and 3D surface and solid modeling toolset includes many of the most advanced technologies in the industry - ACIS? solid modeling, D-Cubed constraints, and Lightworks? photorealistic rendering. Expert tools for architectural and mechanical design offer greater productivity and enhanced workflow, as does interoperability with nearly 40 CAD and graphic formats. TurboCAD's complete set of drawing, editing, and modification tools, along with annotation tools, help you quickly draft and document your designs with outstanding flexibility. What-if analysis is made easy with constraints and is a tremendous time saver for testing variations on your designs. Constrained models, when used in conjunction with the Drafting Palette, can dynamically accelerate all levels of the design and detailing process.

TurboCAD Pro offers the benefits of modeling with both Surfaces and (ACIS?) Solids allowing for optimal flexibility in design. When coupled with LightWorks? Photorealistic Rendering you're sure to impress clients and associates with your dramatic presentations.

TurboCAD Pro offers toolsets for design tasks common to architectural design, mechanical design, and woodworking, allowing for enhanced productivity in these domains. Expanded versions of these toolsets, as well as a CAM plug-in, are sold separately to further assist experts in these fields.

TurboCAD Pro has always offered excellent file compatibility. Nearly 40 industry standard CAD and graphic formats are supported, including native AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT files (DXF/DWG), now with the ability to export XREFs. Google SketchUp support has also been greatly enhanced, and export to SketchUp (.SKP) file format has been added. A new Database Connect Palette has also been added allowing TurboCAD Pro users to set up a data link to any data source.

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