Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition v10.1.9.9000

The benefits of Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition:

• Provide a collection of the best solutions such as Symantec Mail Security for SMTP, Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, Mail Security for Domino, AntiVirus Corporate Edition and Web Security.

• Provide a tool for prevention and monitoring and dissemination of the virus level in the enterprise via a display interface manager (management console).

• Software prevent an act of infringement Symantec helps prevent intrusion, unauthorized attacks, prevent the virus has the ability to disable security measures.

• The service integration options Symantec Premium AntiSpam for Symantec Mail Security products.

• Get Symantec ™ Security Response, a research organization and support leading Internet security world, backed.

• Support for viewing reports via web interface.

• Secure, the anti-spyware, intrusion advertising.

• Support anti-virus software on a branch running Linux.

• Protection of input - the network (Gateway) work with high performance and reliability.

- Scan and fix fast and reliable - small to affect the network.

- Prevent the spread.

- Prevent attacks spam (spam) multi-level (multilayered).

- Content Filtering.

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