Nikon Capture NX2 v2.2.4

Nikon Capture NX 2 v.2.2.4 - powerful software for processing and editing of photos, known to many professionals and amateurs on earlier versions, designed for shooting digital photography photographers, regardless of what format they use. Fast editing is achieved through the use of exclusive Nik Software U PointTM technology.

Created by photographers for photographers, software, Nikon Capture NX2 makes the most precise control over the images and processing it intuitively simple and flexible for any photographer, regardless of their training, setting a new standard in creative digital imaging. Powerful but easy to use, this software allows you to select individual parts of the image by simply selecting the point and simple means to fulfill its complex masking or processing sectors of the snapshot. Capture NX2 will allow you to repeatedly create and modify the image processing operations, without degrading the original image data and provides a fully compliant and continuous process of editing the files in JPEG or TIFF files from your camera. For those who use the format of NEF (RAW), also available special funds for the correction of optical or digital artifacts.
A revolutionary innovation in the package has acquired technology from the U PointTM Nik Software Inc USA, which allows direct editing of zones just finger pointing (mouse, of course, but the present editor and photographer, one of which pokes into the sky, saying, "here, I want darker and Posin ' also possible, because then the work will make more sense) and the subsequent movement of the sliders from the menu basic settings (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc.).
The new package is introduced not so much a new concept or types of editing, but simply handed down in a comfortable place already existing functions.

? Technology U Point: opportunities function checkpoints Control Points Capture NX2 and Technology U PointTM enable convenient, fast and intuitive to choose certain areas of color and tonality.
? Auto Retouch Brush (Brush Auto Touch-Up): an effective and powerful tool that enables the simple press to remove unwanted dust spots or details.
? Quick Fix (quick fix): a combined panel of commonly used tools greatly simplifies the process of editing large batches of images
? Selection control point (Checkpoint Selection): makes it easier to improve the visual sharpness of the image (mask blur) or blurring of individual sections of the image (Gaussian Blur) and can be used with almost any image correction tool. Corrections can be applied to the entire image or of certain areas without the need for precision selection of masks.
? Customizable Workspaces (Customizable workspaces): 4 fully customizable workspaces let you personalize your choice of tools to create your own shortcuts and switch quickly between all workspaces without losing data.
? Photo Management (Office of the image): a set of different labels that use XMP and IPTC standards and simplify the labeling and sorting of images. Provides a gradual transition when working with ViewNX, Windows 7, or Adobe Bridge.
? Ability to work on two monitors: allows to expand the workspace when you install two monitors.

Changes in the new version:
? Added compatibility with 32 - and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate. With 64-bit versions of the software works as a 32-bit application.
? Added support for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate (Service Pack Service Pack 2). With 64-bit versions of the software works as a 32-bit application.
? Have the specifications changed so that now the choice of 25 or more photos per page for the parameter "Select Layout" (Select model) in the dialog box "Print layout" (Page Layout) option is automatically marked "Use Thumbnail Data (Draft Use Only) "(Use the preview (only for the layout of the document)).
This solves the problem that prevented printing when you select 25 or more photos per page for the parameter "Select Layout" (Select model).
? solve the problem, because of which raised an error and that prevented printing with application settings "borderless" on some printers.
? Fixed bug that prevented the accurate application settings printing.
? Fixed problem with installing the same parameters for the left, right, top and bottom fields in the section ?Margins? (Field) dialog box ?Page Setup? (Settings page).
? Eliminate the delays between pressing the button ?Print? (Print) and the actual beginning of the printing process.
? When you open an image on some computers with AMD processors software Capture NX 2 quit unexpectedly. This problem is resolved.
? solve the problem, because of which raised an error during batch processing of large numbers of files.
? You receive a blank window, if during a batch process was put a check mark next parameter ?Notify when completed? (Report completion) in the dialog box ?Processing Queue - Process Running? (Queue processing - The process is running). This problem is resolved.
? During batch processing multiple images at the same date and time of capture, processed images saved with the wrong names. This problem is resolved.
? Fixed bug that caused an end to the batch process, if one occurred with certain settings.
? solve the problem, because of which raised an error when performing correction of multiple images.
? solve the problem because of which appeared an error message when you try to open multiple images, previously saved using Capture NX 2.
? If you had checked the box ?Camera & Lens Corrections? (Means of correcting camera lens) (section ?Develop? (processing) a list of editing), it was impossible to adjust the image in the image window at 100 percent, and the corrected image was impossible to keep. This problem is resolved.
? When the image window has increased to a maximum size and was chosen as the desktop in the menu ?Window? (Windows)> Workspaces> (workspaces), and an additional screen - as the primary monitor in dual monitor system, the image window and disappeared. This problem is resolved.
? When using the zoom to enlarge the image display with functions ?Full Screen? (Full Screen) or the ?Presentation? (Presentation), selected from the menu ?View? (type), an enlarged portion of the image is displayed not in the center of the window. This problem is resolved.
? Fixed bug that did not give the ability to switch between operations " " and "-" when you press ALT while using the tool "brush".
? solve the problem, due to which folders on the panel ?Folders? (folders) software Capture NX 2 appear in a different manner than in Windows Explorer.
? While using a crop function to select framing and pressing ENTER for the use of framing cursor is not switched to the selection tools. This problem is resolved.
? When you enter the number after the decimal point for some points of correction in the text boxes to enter numerical values in the list ?Edit List? (List Editing) values can not be changed. This problem is resolved.
? When the sign "-" (minus) was introduced into the text box ?Exposure Compensation? (Exposure Compensation) in the section ?Quick Fix? (Quick Setup) in the section ?Develop? (Processing) in the list ?Edit List? (List Editing) it appears in red, and then after a few seconds appeared "0". This problem is resolved.

Additional Information:
? All necessary information about the registration program is in distribution.
? In order to prevent the program from the network and zablochit serial number, you should add the line in the file "hosts" (c: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts)

Year: 2010
Developer: Nikon
Interface: English
Version: 2.2.4
System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Medicine: Present


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