IDA Pro Advanced v5.2 (DataRescue)[CRACKED]

this version many small and big improvements took place, here is a partial change list:

* PC module improvements
* PE loader improvements
* ARM processor module improvements
* Improved Hex-View:
o Edit support
o Data display format: words, dwords, doubles, ...
o Unicode or custom codepages
* Bochsrc file loader: load a bochsrc file and start debugging the disk image
* Windows Crash dump support: IDA now accepts MS Windows Crash dump files. Load the crash dump file and IDA Pro will create a database with the memory contents of the crash (if they were included). You can also run the Windbg debugger module and issue commands to the debugger engine to investigate more about the crash
* Docking interface: all windows are now dockable, allowing you to make optimal use of the desktop space.

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