Cakewalk SONAR Producer Edition 8.5.2

Key Features:
* Integrated Step Sequencer view-the most innovative step sequencer feature set available in any DAW
* Smart MIDI Tools-intuitively use one tool for multiple editing tasks; completely customizable
* Real-time Drag-Quantize allows selected notes and events to be quickly aligned with snap settings
* Multilane controller editing in Piano Roll view; controller data can be moved/copied across lanes; multiple controls can be viewed/edited per lane to economize screen real estate
* MIDI display features including MIDI Magnifier, MIDI Meters, and Velocity Colorizer
* Enhanced MIDI editing with functions for splitting, gluing, and muting notes
* New ACT (Active Controller Technology) presets for Akai MPK49, Korg padKONTROL, and Line6 TonePort KB37
* New instruments: Z3TA 1.5 waveshaping synthesizer, Dimension LE (featuring Garritan Pocket Orchestra), Rapture LE, and DropZone Sample player/synth; Over 1000 instruments sounds
* Roland V-Vocal 1.5, now with Pitch to MIDI conversion
* LP-64 Multiband linear phase mastering compressor/limiter with AutoQ functionality
* LP-64 EQ linear phase mastering EQ with 20-point control curve
* Internal sidechaining for Sonitus:fx Compressor, Sonitus:fx Gate, VC-64 Vintage Channel, and 3rd party VST plug-ins with sidechain (multi-input) capability
* External Insert Plug-in lets you insert and mix with external hardware effects and instruments with automatic delay compensation
* Boost 11 Peak Limiter
* Dim Solo keeps tracks in context by reducing volume of unsoloed tracks by 6, 12, or 18 dB instead of muting
* Drag & drop EQ settings across channels in the console view
* Shortcuts for assigning a series of audio inputs, and routing selected tracks/busses to the same input/output/main
* Rename Synths in Synth Rack
* Original SMPTE time stamps now stored with clips with easy revert to original time stamp
* Right-click at cursor to Import audio/MIDI data
* Wave-64 support provides capabilities to record large scale (2 GB ) projects
* High bandwidth multi-track recording optimizations
* New file format import/export options including Sony Wave-64, AIF, CAF, FLAC, Sound Designer II
* File Recovery mode
* Integrated Audio CD ripping and burning

Size : 2.2 GB
Download Cakewalk SONAR Producer Edition 8.5.2 Original DVD with RegTool and working Serial:

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